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About All eyes in the Amazon

Forests are crucial for the future of our planet: they provide oxygen, natural cooling and store billions of tons of CO2. But the Amazon forest and the people living in it are under pressure like never before. The hunt on natural resources such as timber, oil, minerals and expanding soy plantations for livestock production are an enormous threat for our planet.

Indigenous People and local communities living in the Amazon are key to end deforestation and protect the rainforest sustainably. They are the people who have been living in and with the forest for centuries. Where the land rights of Indigenous Peoples have been acknowledged and legally protected – and thus where they have the right to keep loggers and others threatening the forest at bay – the primal forests are practically untouched.

We are a coalition of Indigenous Peoples, research institutions, law enforcement, environmental and human rights organisations. Together we will stop deforestation and protect the rainforest and its inhabitants. We believe that the ability of citizens to influence decisions that affect them is not only essential for government accountability and a democratic society, but also for the future health of our planet.