The All Eyes on the Amazon (AEA) program aims to stop the deforestation and degradation of the Amazon rainforest by defending Indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ rights

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Visit the AEA Learning Platform and learn about and share tools and resources to protect the Amazon Basin and its people.

Visit the AEA Learning Platform


The Amazon is reaching a tipping point.

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The Coalition

Since 2017, All Eyes on the Amazon (AEA) is a unique coalition led by Hivos, Greenpeace, and the Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (COICA) that brings together more than 40 local and international organizations working in the fields of technology, Human and Indigenous Rights, conservation, transparency, advocacy, and law enforcement.

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“The lives of Indigenous peoples depend on the fight to protect the Amazon rainforest. But it is not only our lives. The lives of future generations and our survival as a species depend on this collective effort to generate new models of development. We have no plan B, so this fight is urgent.”
Sonia Guajajara
Brazilian Indigenous activist

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