The Coalition

Since 2018, All Eyes on the Amazon (AEA) is a unique coalition led by Hivos, Greenpeace, and the Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin (COICA) that brings together more than 30 local and international organizations working in the fields of technology, Human and Indigenous Rights, conservation, transparency, advocacy, and law enforcement.

Visit the AEA Learning Platform and learn about and share tools and resources to protect the Amazon Basin and its people.
We are currently in the second phase of the Program, expanding our focus to work on specific cases, through alliances with new partners and the reinforcement of advocacy at the local level.
The program has a unique governance model that places Indigenous and local organizations at the center of decision-making, to ensure that the strategies, activities and investment address the problems and priorities of grassroots organizations, thereby ensuring the sustainability of the results and impact in Amazonian territories.

AEA is possible thanks to the contribution of the Dutch National Postcode Lottery, with past contributions from the Swedish Postcode National Lottery Foundation and the UK Postcode Planet Trust.